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Aluminum Rainscreen

Extruded aluminum facade panels in a wide variety of colors, finishes and profiles. Alucovering panels are completely engineered by Aliva for any design vision. Lightweight. Flexible.

Alucovering by Aliva is the most comprehensive architectural and advanced technological response to market demand for cladding ventilated facades with extruded aluminum alloy panels. Underpinning Alucovering by Aliva ventilated facade system is the search for maximum reliability, profound knowledge of materials and their durability under working conditions, as well as compliance with current regulations. Every aspect and technical detail of this system is aimed at not only solving critical issues but also at the reliability of the facade cladding, which is subject to wind, thermal shocks and corrosive actions of atmospheric pollutants on a daily basis.

Alucovering cladding profiles are made of extruded aluminum alloy available in different shapes and heights up to 20″. The profiles are painted with polymerized polyester powders, at a thickness of not less than 60 microns; or they are oxidized, with a thickness of not less than 15 microns, in accordance with regulations governing anodizing for outdoor use. There are over 400 possible colored finishes to choose from on the color card. For the production of Alucovering cladding, Aliva uses extrusion, cutting and machining to guarantee extremely tight tolerances on the finished product.

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