Extruded Ceramic Facade – Terracotta Cladding

Agrob Buchtal Keratwin®

With attractive designs, simple installation techniques, and tested durability, ceramic facades from Agrob Buchtal have a world-wide reputation in contemporary architecture. Demanding projects in Northern Europe, Asia, Africa and North America have been realized with HT-coated ceramic panels fired at 2000° by this 80-year-old German manufacturer.

Besides the stunning visual appeal of glazed and unglazed ceramic panels, Agrob Buchtal’s commitment to ASTM and seismic testing assures uncompromising safety. Engineered simplicity of the 20mm KeraTwin anchoring system on Omega profile has saved up to 30% installation time on hundreds of successful projects over several decades’ history of use. Once the vertical Omega support rails are installed, there are no tools or parts required to install the KeraTwin ceramic panels. The installer needs only two hands to snap in each ceramic panel securely onto the Omega bracket, resulting in fast, efficient installation onto an engineered support bracket that has survived the harshest seismic test protocol.

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