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Fiber Cement Cladding Sheets

Fiber cement cladding panels in all the colors of nature, made to resemble natural stone. Cement Board Fabricators (CBF) specially designed SILBONIT™ panels for external cladding, semi-exposed, and external lining applications. Attractive. Durable.

SILBONIT ™ fiber cement cladding panels are well-suited to protect a wide variety of building types from the elements, while also improving the building aesthetics. SILBONIT™ cladding is a next-generation, asbestos-free material made from compressed and stabilized flat sheeting, reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibers. SILBONIT™ cladding is non-combustible and resistant to rot, fungus and vermin attack. If installed with an appropriate air gap, SILBONIT™ cladding can help reflect heat away from buildings in summer months, and minimize vapor pressure buildup in the winter.

SILBONIT™ sheets are made in sizes of 49 ¼’’ by 96’’, and 49 ¼’’ by 120’’. Sheets can be cut to meet your project’s specific needs. SILBONIT™ sheets come in “Natural” earth tones, as well as “Treated” colors that resemble eggshell paint sheen. Like natural stone, SILBONIT™ colors are non-uniform and have small imperfections. This is not a defect, and makes the panels an attractive alternative to products with an artificial appearance.

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Product Resources

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  • ASTM C1186 evaluation of Silbonit HD fiber cement rainscreen – DOWNLOAD

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