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Thin Brick Siding

  • Mechanically anchored thin brick siding
  • No adhesive
  • No glue
  • No tabs

Each fired-clay, thin brick tile has a continuous slot cut into top and bottom edges to receive a continuous bent plate rail locking it into place mechanically. The only tools needed to install TruBrix tiles, once the metal support rails are screwed to the wall, are two hands. Each TruBrix tile simply snaps into the backup rails. Then the joints are filled with pointing mortar.

The integrity of the assembly does not rely on adhesives nor on the pointing mortar. Great for overcladding, rebranding, retrofitting and remodeling, or just putting brick where it usually cannot go unsupported, i.e., faux chimneys, faux parapets, rooftop enclosures, etc.

This is the first thin brick system that does not rely on adhesives or tabs. After all the failures across the Northeast of adhered brick tiles, TruBrix guarantees the brick tiles cannot fall off the wall, no matter what installation mistakes or omissions have been committed. Freezing water behind the metal rails from leaks in the wall above is not strong enough to pry off TruBrix tiles. Available in a wide array of brick styles, colors and finishes. Finally, a true thin brick facade that is not stick-on brick. Perfect for the harshest Northern climates.

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