Suspended Paving Systems

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Outdoor seating areas, patios, and decks are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners, businesses, as well as health care and government facilities. Many businesses are turning their flat roofs into outdoor seating areas for customers and employees. Many restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are making better use of their outdoor surroundings. However, often these types of transformation can be an enormous endeavor. Bison Pedestals have become a practical and convenient solution for creating an inviting outdoor environment. Bison Pedestals have made it easy to install patios and decks directly over old cracked concrete slabs, flat roofs, unused alleys, parking areas, and much more.

Suggested Uses

  • Rooftop Patios
  • Catwalks
  • Raised Decks
  • Resurfaced Parking Areas
  • Maintenance Access Areas

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